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Marc S. Berger

Why See Marc S. Berger, MD?

You are not perfectly happy with your present medical care or situation!


  • Perhaps your other health care visits were rushed, limited, confusing?
  • Perhaps there was not enough explanation, listening to your concerns, handling what you wanted, and actually meeting your expectations?
  • Perhaps you wanted a thorough assessment of the whole you, not just some body part?
  • Perhaps your Health Care Provider never even touched you, or looked at something other than their computer?
  • Perhaps your questions were not answered to your satisfaction in plain language?
  • Perhaps the Health Care Provider did not actually listen and understand what you were saying?
  • Perhaps you could not bring up other concerns or problems at your visit?
  • Perhaps you were being put through the “work-up“ mill, the expensive battery of tests approach, the referrals to multiple specialists routine?
  • Perhaps you don’t want a doctor who has to meet time expectations, patient volume, productivity, quality improvement goals, MIPS, quotas, or standards of care dictated by his Electronic Medical Record?

  • Do you just want to see an old-fashioned, general practice Medical Doctor (like TV’s Marcus Welby)?
  • Do you have need of some unusual medical services, (Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, Second Opinion, Independent Medical Examination, forms filled out, review of outside medical records, interpretation of complex labs, x-rays and consultations)?
  • Do you just want another opinion to reassure you that your present care is excellent?
  • Do you want someone to explain what is going on to you, your family or friends?
  • Do you want a “backup” medical physician to augment your present Health Care?

If these might be true, PERHAPS you should visit Dr. Marc S. Berger!


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